Keeping track of my recommendations

I’ve not listed the suburbs, or imbedded an ‘overview’ map so I’d recommend using Saved Places on your Google Maps to track them down and see what’s close to you. No idea how to do this? Click ‘Continue Reading’

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Sushi Monger

The best sushi I’ve had is off a CBD street here. Crazy queue around lunchtime, but it moves quickly. The guy serving is a little like the ‘soup nazi.’ Don’t mince your words, or ‘um and ah’ – know what you want before it’s your turn.

Free unlimited pots of delicious pickled ginger and wasabi. A lovely change to the tradition in Melbourne of charging 30 cents a little pack. Vegetarian and Tamago rolls are spot on.

sushi.jpgScreen Shot 2017-02-11 at 12.35.24 pm.png