Couchsurfing List

If you’re here, it’s probably because I met you somewhere and you were visiting Melbourne. It’s impossible to remember when someone suggests a whole list of things to see in a new place so rather than dump all on that on you at the time we met, or write them on the back of a napkin, I’ve compiled them here. This used to be a handwritten list I’d write down every time a couchsurfer came to stay, but for posterity’s sake here it is in long life html.

This isn’t a proper blog – there’s not much text and there’s no proper reviews so if it’s included here assume my feelings toward it are: five stars and my suggestion is: go there, just trust me. I don’t update it super often, it’s just my favourite places in my hometown and they’ve stood the test of time.

Have a great time in Melbourne, hope to see you around. xx